It is time to take off the mask!

This one-minute video will inform you what you can expect from the Mastermind Solutions Academy.


Hi. My name is Johan Mouton, born in 1969.

I am a proud daddy to three beautiful children and the founder of the Mastermind Solutions Academy based in Switzerland.

If you already know me, chances are that you met me as a martial arts teacher, a fitness instructor, a masseur, a life coach, a prevention of violence trainer in public schools, or a participant in some or other course or conference in either South Africa, Germany, Switzerland, France, Israel.

I am grateful for the opportunity to share this journey to the embodiment of wholeness with you!

Johan Mouton - Mouton Consulting

Thank you for your support!

What could each of us be and do to initiate the change required for a thriving human-on-earth experience, honoring the uniqueness of every individual?

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